must read for anyone required to evaluate the emergency performance of others.

Every emergency worker knows to expect the unexpected. 
That’s why we train for “possibilities,” but perform based on “probabilities” and the situational environment present.  
Likewise, every emergency services manager/leader knows that there is no law, policy, or procedure that can account for all the possibilities emergency workers will encounter, or how they will respond during exigent circumstances.  
But how does your organization evaluate the appropriateness of the behavior when the exigency, or emergency requires the employee to act in a way that has never been done before?
Because... Why?
Understanding Behavior in Exigencies
Is the new book by Dr. Chris Fuzie that introduces:
The Exigent Response Model for Dynamically Shifting/Evolving Situations© or more simply the “Exigent Response Model©.” 
The model was developed to give evaluators of rapidly evolving/dynamically shifting situations, organized guidelines to consider and assess the appropriateness of behavior responses in rapidly evolving, dynamically shifting situations where the response behavior is outside of, or different than, the expected behavior responses.

Little book...BIG impact!!

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