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Leadership training is not enough…
for complex, dynamic, multi-level organizations where mid-level managers and supervisors are required to lead and follow to effectively operate the organization.

Now scheduling for 2023:

Effective Followership for Supervisors and Mid-Level Managers
In this 8-hour training learn:
  • Transformative definitions and status of leadership and followership
  • Understanding my attributes and how they operate in leader and follower roles
  • Why train in followership when I’m in a leadership position
  • Creating Shared Leader/Follower Behavior Patterns for a Stronger Organization
  • Following While Leading – Yes, both happen at the same time
  • Leading and Following Simultaneously as Qualities of the Same Position
  • The benefit of leader/follower shared behaviors to the organization
  • Applying the Behavior Patterns to Your Organization
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Click the button and let's discuss how you can multiply the effectiveness of your supervisors and mid-managers with this training.  It won't cost you to check it out...schedule your call now.

Dr. Chris Fuzie, Ed.D., MAOL

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