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Dr. Chris Fuzie, Ed.D., MAOL

1 on 1 help from Dr. Fuzie

for all Registered Attendees

Leadership Effectiveness - Online

Behavior-Based Leadership
Influencing Performance

Live Instruction just 2.5 hours per week
The remainder of the course work is on your own, learning and applying within your own organization

Plus: Individual, personalized access and support by Dr. Chris Fuzie, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership during the entire course through a calendaring system available only to attendees at no extra cost.
Next cohort beginning
May 6, 2023

Only $1799.00 per person/per course


Initial  consultation with each
course registration.
Live sessions held each Saturday for 2.5 hours, beginning at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Date/Time:                                                           Location: 

May 6, 2023   to    August 19, 2023                      Live Online

Language:                                                                Kick-Off

American English                                                       May 6, 2023 at 10:00 AM (PST)                                                     

What is it worth to you to have access to a Doctor in organizational leadership when you need them?  With each registration in this online course you will have exclusive access to Dr. Fuzie through an online appointment system...when YOU need him.  That's a $200 per hour value for free!

Leadership skill enhancing for: 
People who are leaders of: 

Individuals (trainers, leads, mentors; 1-to-1 leadership) 

Small groups/teams (Supervisors, Managers; leaders of small teams)

Anyone who is responsible for the behavior of others.

Perfect for:
Front-line supervisors and managers
Support supervisors and managers
Clerical Supervisors and managers
I.T. supervisors and Managers
or anyone who is the leader of small groups of employees. 


What they will learn:
Leadership competency enhancing skills
Skills based on psychology, behavioral and social science leadership theories, and practices. 
Focusing on four key leadership areas: 
Leading Individuals for Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance 
Leading Teams/Groups 
Effective use of a leader’s role/authority/power
Creating an ethical climate and communicating throughout the organization  
How will this help me or my organization?
Increase understanding of behavior of people
Increased accountability by employees
Reduce liability for the organization
Explore your own leadership potential while developing proven leadership skills. 
It is a preparatory leadership class for those who are looking to advance to a leadership position, or who are in an acting leadership position. 

Pay your way...
0r request an invoice...
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Strategy and Direction -

Crucial for any leader.

Test your

Take the quiz and see how well you do.  If you get them all correct we'll be surprised.  But this is just a taste of what you can learn in this course.

1 on 1 help from Dr. Fuzie for all Registered Attendees

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