Professional Development Is Your Responsibility

Looking for some professional development training you can use in-house? Need to “spice-up” the professional development and performance of your managers, supervisors and leads? In many organizations, whether public, private, non-profit, or profit-based, professional development is your responsibility. And nobody will force you to get better...especially your competition for promotions or assignments inside the organization!

NEW! Available 1/1/2020, “LEAD Times,” a monthly, single-topic, professional development publication with multiple-page, printable, PDF e-mailed directly to you. Just $19.95 per year.

O.K., What's in it for me? What's in it for you is an opportunity to focus on your leadership/followership competence one topic each month and either increase or maintain your competitive edge in your organization. You can use it to help show your own growth goals, or your professional development training. As a leader in your organization, you can use it to provide mentoring and coaching for individual employees, for your teams or for the entire organization.

"LEAD Times" is a full-color, multiple page, one-topic professional development publication, written by Dr. Chris Fuzie, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, in response to the needs and requests of previous clients. "LEAD Times" can be e-mailed or mailed via USPS each month.

These topics are chosen as a result of the most common organizational issues. All of these have been observed and addressed in the last 10 years as a leadership consultant working with many public and private organizations, and are not uncommon in most organizations

2020 Topics

Jan 2020: Writing Evidence Based Performance Evaluations

Feb 2020: Recognizing and Using the Success of Failure

Mar 2020: Supervising or Micromanaging?

Apr 2020: Why Probation Should Be About Performance

May 2020: Changing Perceptions

Jun 2020: A Need for Norms

Jul 2020: Point of Reference – Knowing Where You're Headed

Aug 2020: Friend and Leader – You Can’t Be Both Equally

Sep 2020: Groupthink and It's Dangers

Oct 2020: Walk the Talk

Nov 2020: Guidelines for Punishment

Dec 2020: Reactions and Remedies to Inequity

To get started click here or on the "LEAD Times" links in this blog post.

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