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  • Working with Generationally Diverse Employees

  • Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Climate

  • Understanding Your Bases of Power

  • Using Adaptive Leadership

  • Change is Happening Anyway – Working Through Change

  • Idiosyncrasy Credits – Managing Your Emotional Bank Account

  • Mediocrity and Integrity – Building Excellence

  • Growing Your Teams to the Right Mix – Socializing New Employees

  • Organizational Function Distinctions – Understanding the Perspectives

  • Ingroups and Outgroups and How to Avoid Them

  • Discussing Employees and Perceptions – Dangers and Suggestions

  • Pygmalion Effect – How we can use and abuse it

  • Team Player Styles – Benefits and Liabilities

  • Loyalty Vs. Integrity – And Pitting Them Against Each Other

  • Communication Filters – Why We Need To Understand Ours

  • Active Listening Techniques – More than half of the Communication Process

  • To Be Congruent – A Step Beyond Honesty

  • Observational Learning – How We Acquire Knowledge 

  • Influence Strategies 

  • Reactions and Remedies to Inequity

  • Guidelines for Punishment

  • Groupthink and Its Dangers

  • Understanding Heuristics 

  • Time Management

  • Friend and Leader – You Can’t Be Both Equally

  • Point of Reference – Knowing Where Your Headed

  • Personal Mastery 

  • The importance of Organizational Artifacts

  • Walk the Talk

  • Changing Perceptions

  • The Value of Values

  • Understanding Open Systems

  • Self-Efficacy and How to Increase It in Others

  • Schemas and How They Are Used

  • Rationalizing and Its Dangers

  • A Need for Norms

  • Understanding Fractals – Because We Don’t All See the Big Picture

  • The Success of Failures

Can also be mailed to you


All of these topics, and more, are available as "stand-alone training, or may be combined into a custom-designed training experience to increase leader/follower competence​

Dr. Chris Fuzie presenting in Brussels, Belgium on Transparency in Law Enforcement at the International Leadership Association Global Conference in 2017.