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Focus on Followership

Leader/Follower Behaviors Survey

What do you think?

Leadership and followership have long been identified as a "parent/child" relationship, or an "opposite" relationship.  But they are actually very much supportive and dependent on each other as parts in the leadership process.  This is the remise of much of the new research... and this project!

The survey is a list of 86 behaviors developed as "traits of great leaders" over the last 12 years in our Leadership Effectiveness courses.  These behaviors have also been identified as those we may want in our followers.

What we are wanting to know is: 

Do we also want these same traits in our followers?

Scan the QR Code, or click on the link to take the survey.  The results will be shared at the next Global Followership Conference in 2024. 
QR Code For 86 B Survey
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