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Dr. Fuzie is available for training 1-on-1, teams and team development, and organization-wide training and development.  All training is custom-designed for you.

Let's discuss leading and following

Let's discuss performance counseling

Let's discuss behavior in exigencies

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Learn how to view leadership and followership in a different way. 

Dr. Fuzie is available to train your organization in the concepts of "Liminal Space" and what it means to lead and follow simultaneously.  

Dr. Fuzie is available to train your organization in the concepts of tessellations of behaviors and how these concepts provide an insightful reframe of traditional leadership hierarchies which  can help improve your organizations effectiveness.  

How S.C.O.R.E. Performance Counseling addresses this:


Using psychology, social and behavioral science, communication, and current professional and ethical coaching and mentoring practices.  


We focus on changing the behavior while saving the relationship.

S.C.O.R.E. Performance Counseling is an employee performance-centered counseling method specifically designed by Chris Fuzie, Ed.D., using behavioral and social science theories, psychology, decision-making, and communication skills to overcome these failures.

How does your organization evaluate the appropriateness of the behavior when the exigency, or emergency requires the employee to act in a way that has never been done before? This book can help understand the behavior in exigencies (emergencies) and why people do what they do.

Let's talk about how we evaluate behavior and take into account the human factors.

Let's discuss how we sometimes must use "informative failure" to be create productive deviance to survive the situation.  


Let's discuss this before you take action for a better understanding.  

The initial consultation is free and should be used to determine scope of condition(s) of focus
and next steps.
Dr. Fuzie is Available for:​

Individual Leadership Coaching

Keynote Speaking 

Team-Building (small or large)

Organizational Training

Collaborations of Development
Fee Structure:
  • $300 per hour + Actual Expenses (Min) or $2250. per Full Day + Actual Expenses 
  • Negotiated Amount as agreed for charitable organizations

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