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LEAD Times

LEAD Times is a monthly issued, single topic, training and mentoring publication written by Dr. Chris Fuzie, Ed.D. 

LEAD Times provides a catalyst for you to help your organization to continue to grow, improve, and thrive.  Create dialogue and understanding of leadership challenges.  

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Only $18.00 Yearly Subscription
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More than 70 different Leadership Topics

Here's a sampling

of some of the Topics:

Working with Generationally Diverse Employees

Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Climate

Understanding Your Bases of Power

Using Adaptive Leadership

Change is Happening Anyway – Working Through Change

Idiosyncrasy Credits – Managing Your Emotional Bank Account

Mediocrity and Integrity – Building Excellence

Growing Your Teams to the Right Mix – Socializing New Employees

Organizational Function Distinctions – Understanding the Perspectives

Ingroups and Outgroups and How to Avoid Them

Discussing Employees and Perceptions – Dangers and Suggestions

Pygmalion Effect – How we can use and abuse it

Team Player Styles – Benefits and Liabilities

Loyalty Vs. Integrity – And Pitting Them Against Each Other

Communication Filters – Why We Need To Understand Ours

Active Listening Techniques – More than half of the Communication Process

To Be Congruent – A Step Beyond Honesty

Observational Learning – How We Acquire Knowledge 

Influence Strategies 

Reactions and Remedies to Inequity

Guidelines for Punishment

Groupthink and Its Dangers

Understanding Heuristics 

Time Management

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Only $18.00 Yearly Subscription
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