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CMF Leadership has provided leadership training: 

California-Nevada-Utah Training Location
Training Location
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Canada Training
1st Followership Conference

Dr. Fuzie and Dr. McMullen with Ira Challef, Author of The Courageous Follower and "Intelligent Disobedience"

Dr. McMullen presenting in the First Global Conference on Followership in Canada with Dr. Fuzie, July, 2019

CMF Leadership Consulting

Dr. Chris Fuzie presenting in Brussels, Belgium on Transparency in Law Enforcement at the International Leadership Association Global Conference in 2017.

With Ira Challef
Dr Fuzie International Speaking
CMF Leadership Consulting
CMF Leadership Consulting

Dr. Chris Fuzie presenting at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland on Behavior Tessellations at the Global Followership Conference in 2024

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