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New Book Coming This Summer:

"Liminal Space:
Reshaping Leadership
And Followership"

Liminal Leader.jpg
If you lead and follow at the same time, this book is for you! 
  • Explore a new paradigm of thinking about leadership and followership.
  • See how followership and leadership are not opposite.
  • Learn what it means to be in a Liminal Space in your organization.
  • Learn about tessellated behaviors.
  • See how these behaviors can improve efficiency and effectiveness in your organization.

Behavior-Based Leadership - On the Go
with CMF Leadership Podcasts

Where in the world is CMF Leadership?  
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International Training in Brussels, Belgium, 2017
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- Custom Organizational Analysis
​- Custom Leadership Training
- One-on-One Leadership Consulting
- Leadership Effectiveness Training


Experience and Education.

Theory informs practice and practice adjusts theory.  With practical intelligence gained from 28+ years experience working in the public sector in leadership roles, along with analytical intelligence and more than 17 years devoted to studying Organizational Leadership, Dr. Chris Fuzie is not just a practitioner, nor is he just an academic...


Dr. Fuzie is a "pracademic" when it comes to leadership and followership.  Understanding both practical application and academic rigors of theoretical development and application.

CMF Leadership Consulting

Leadership training for all levels

CMF Leadership Consulting training courses are based in the sciences of psychology, sociology, and behavioral science.  Our classes are very interactive, using adult learning techniques for the adult learner.  With four separate courses designed to address the different organizational functional perspectives, each level learns the appropriate strategies for their position or the position they are seeking.

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