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"To study leadership is to study people.  How they are and how they can be influenced."

- Dr. Chris Fuzie

Dr Chris Fuzie.jpg

Dr. Chris Fuzie (Front Row Left) on a 

training ride to Yosemite National Park

with the Modesto Police Motor Unit.

 Circa July 1992.

Dr. Chris Fuzie, Ed.D.


Dr. Chris Fuzie is the owner of C.M.F. Leadership Consulting, and has taught leadership courses in California, Montana, Oregon, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and Utah, to law enforcement and other public and private organizations, including the U.S. Army. Chris is married with four grown children and 2 grandchildren.  Chris’ wife Cindy just retired from the City of Modesto.  Two of Chris’ kids are serving in the U.S. military.  One is a Warrant Officer in the Army, and another is a Rescue Swimmer/Helicopter Air Crewman in the Navy.  Chris’ other two children live in Modesto and one works as a registered nurse in an emergency room, and his daughter is a part-time server at a local restaurant and full-time mom to his two granddaughters ages 9 and 5. 

Chris retired as a Lieutenant from the Modesto Police Department and holds a Doctor of Education, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Arts, all in Organizational Leadership, from Brandman University and Chapman University in California.  In addition, Chris holds two post-graduate certificates, one in Human Resources, and the second in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia. Chris earned his first college degree from the Modesto Junior College at the age of forty.

Chris worked for the Modesto Police Department for 28 years beginning as a Community Service parking attendant and Reserve Police Officer, promoting through the ranks to Lieutenant.  Chris retired as the Assistant Division Commander for the department’s Investigations Division and Commander of the Homicide Unit, Gang Unit, undercover drug unit, with collateral duties as the Hostage Negotiations Commander, and Mental Health Team Developer/Commander.  Chris has served as a union President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Board Member for the Modesto Police Officer’s Association and the Modesto Police Management Association.

Chris is an Adjunct Professor at the Yosemite Community College District since 2007, and has taught "Concepts of California Criminal Law," "Patrol Procedures," “Profiling Terrorism,” “Juvenile Justice Concepts,” "Communications in Criminal Justice," and "Criminal Investigations" in classroom and on-line settings.  Chris is certified as an instructor and course administrator for California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) and is a “Subject Matter Expert” (SME), and “Subject Matter Resource” (SMR) for leadership, supervision, performance counseling, and many other subjects.   Chris is a certified course administrator/evaluator and instructor evaluator.


Chris is a member of the International Leadership Association (I.L.A.) and was an invited speaker at the I.L.A. Global Conference in Brussels, Belgium in 2017.  Chris was a presenter and speaker at the First Global Conference on Followership in Ottawa, Canada in July 2019 on the “Intertwining of Leader and Follower Behaviors.”   Chris was an invited guest for the U.S. Army National Educators Tour at Fort Benning, Georgia in April 2019.  Chris also volunteers his services and provides leadership training to the Redeemer Church Youth Leadership, and the Modesto Police Explorers Post 219.

Chris holds 4 separate copyrights and has published two books, “S.C.O.R.E. Performance Counseling: Save the Relationship, Change the Behavior,” and “Because…Why? Understanding Behavior in Exigencies.”  Chris has published over seventy “Supervisor Training Bulletins” on various leadership topics. 



Dr. Jeremy McMullen, Ed.D. 


- No Bio Available


Mr. Craig Mutoza

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Cynthia Fuzie

Cynthia is a retired Civilian Services Manager from the Modesto Police Department.  She specializes in process, planning, project management and leadership practices in those areas.   The Cynthia Fuzie Award is a perpetual award given to recipients for excellence in performance each year.  The award was created as a result of Cynthia's performance of more than 30 years of respected leadership and excellent service to the department. 

The CMF Leadership Logo Meaning
C = Clear
M = Meaningful
F = Focused

The "cross hairs" demonstrate a specific aim to action.  A goal.
The "compass" symbolizes direction or movement.  A plan.
The "chess piece" (the Knight) reflects strategy.
Together the "compass" and "Knight" together signify strategic movement, which is most important to leaders in any organization.
The "globe and file" symbolize the global environment, while also being a global file source of leadership knowledge and training.

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