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Leaders, What Specialist Do You Call if Your Organization is Sick?

When you’re sick and don’t know what is wrong with you, you go to a doctor, right? And then what happens? The doctor may conduct an examination and asks you questions about the “symptoms” you are experiencing. She/he may ask for tests or take samples to try to determine the underlying cause or illness.

When your car’s “maintenance needed” light comes on and you don’t know what is wrong you take it to someone who knows how to fix it, right? The vehicle maintenance specialist might hook up a computer or other “diagnostic” equipment to determine the origin of the problem or may drive the vehicle to see if they can identify the issues.

This seems like the normal, prudent thing to do right? Then why do organizational leaders think they can fix any problem in their own organization, as if they were the doctor or mechanic? Organizations, like many living things or machines, get sick and/or broken for many reasons, yet most leaders feel they must be able to “fix it” themselves, or they are failures as leaders. Just like a physician or a vehicle maintenance specialist, an organizational specialist (commonly known as a consultant) can help determine the root cause of the issue or problem in organizations and help restore it.

At CMF Leadership Consulting we do just that: We diagnose organizational issues and problems, to determine the root cause(s) and come up with a plan to “treat” the cause(s) and recover the organization back towards healthy functions. As an example, if you have a team that is not “performing as expected” it can be due to any one or a combination of these: Team task-related issues, team relationship issues, team structural issues, composition, team development problems, communication, cohesion, socialization, conflict management issues, equity issues, motivation issues, or many others. In fact, there are more than 25 different possibilities (and 25 or more way to address them) for teams to be under-performing or not even reaching the performing stage of development, and the cause isn’t always clearly defined.

The “C.M.F.” in C.M.F. Leadership Consulting represents, “Clear,” “Meaningful,” and “Focused.” Our goal is to provide clear, meaningful and focused leadership consulting services. Dr. Chris Fuzie is a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership who specializes in behavior-based leadership practices, training and education services. Dr. Fuzie uses his education, training, and more than 35 years of work experience to diagnose organizational difficulties and determining a root cause. Then using the C.M.F. Leadership Consulting’s “L.E.A.D.E.R. Action Method©” he creates a plan to address each of the organizational “symptoms” and increase the organizational fitness.

The Bottom Line

Just like a medical doctor treats illness through inquiry, testing, diagnosis, and development of a treatment plan, an organizational specialist also treats organizational ailments through inquiry, testing, diagnosis and a treatment plan. So, the next time you find your organization is “under the weather,” try calling CMF Leadership Consulting. The phone call consultation is free, which means your return on investment is 100% to start with!

To contact Dr. Fuzie directly, e-mail: or through the website at You can also call directly at (209) 652-3235.

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